Joven adelgaza engañando a su cerebro con café (FOTOS)

Publicado el 14 de enero de 2017


Mathilde Broberg, una joven danesa de 21 años, decidió bajar de peso y su forma de conseguirlo se ha convertido en viral. Broberg ha pasado de pesar 126 kilos a 67 engañando a su cerebro con una cucharilla de café.

Los alimentos permitidos en la dieta sana que empezó a hacer los comía acompañado de una cucharilla de café y así su organismo creyese que estaba comiendo más de lo que realmente ingería. El engaño lo complementó con ejercicio en el gimnasio.

Measurements 🙆🏻 This is crazy! _ If I can do it so can you! Anything is possible it you want enough – never stop believing in yourself and stay strong. This is a journey that’s been going on since summer, 2012. My weightloss journey ended 2,5 years ago and since that I’ve been working out in the gym minimum 3 times EVERY week. In a period from Fall, 2014 to Summer, 2015 I’ve been eating too healthy (and too little) + worked out 6 times pr week. At that time my measurements were lower than they are now – At 57 kg (125lbs) _ Bust: 79 cm Waist: 60 cm Hip: 80 cm _ I was really skinny at that time but I had loose skin/harsh fat .. I started to eat more (2200kcal) everyday and I’ve been following well organized workout schedules for 1 year now and this is where I am today. Hard work do pay off! _ If you really want to change your life you gotta decide to find the power within you. You are the only one to make it happen. You’re the only one who controls what goes in to your mouth, how long you walk, how much you’re being active. Get control over your brain, because that’s the one you can blame: You’re in control, not your inner-voice! Don’t waist time on the right time to come – there is no perfect time, you just have to start and never look back. It will be tough and it will feel like an endless road, but you will make if you just don’t quit! How much do you want it? _ … Ask yourself _ #determination

Una foto publicada por Mathilde Høj Broberg ⬇️ 139lbs (@mathildehbroberg) el



Broberg ha publicado en Instagram numerosas fotografías de su radical cambio de imagen en las que explica cómo logró la espectacular pérdida de peso. “¡Si yo puedo hacerlo, tú también puedes!”, subraya la joven en su cuenta.

Mathilde Broberg actualmente pesa 67 kilos, es entrenadora personal, modelo deportiva y ofrece su ayuda online a quienes necesiten perder peso.

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